Publications & Awards


Novelette: “Seeding the Mountain”, Analog Science Fiction and Fact (forthcoming).

Poem: “Intervention”, Rattle.

Reprint: “Belly Up”Forever Magazine (December 2018).

Review: “Alphaland”Strange Horizons.

Review: “Record of a Spaceborn Few”Strange Horizons.

Review: “Isle of Dogs”Strange Horizons.

Review: “The Wrong Stars by Tim Pratt”Strange Horizons.

Review: “The Killing of a Sacred Deer”Strange Horizons.


Reprint: “Belly Up”, The Best Science Fiction of the Year: Volume 3, edited by Neil Clarke (2018).

Review: “Corpselight by Angela Slatter”Strange Horizons.

Review: “A Closed and Common Orbit by Becky Chambers”Strange Horizons.

Novelette: “Belly Up”, Analog Science Fiction and Fact (July/August 2017).

Reprint: “A Tower for the Coming World”, The Year’s Best Science Fiction: 34th Annual Collection (2017).

Reprint: “Seven Ways of Looking at the Sun-Worshippers of Yul-Katan”, Rich Horton’s Year’s Best Science Fiction and Fantasy 2016 (2017).

Short Story: “A Tower for the Coming World”Clarkesworld (December 2016).

Novelette: “Seven Ways of Looking at the Sun-Worshippers of Yul-Katan”, Analog Science Fiction and Fact (April 2016).

Poem: “Whatever It Is, It Comes in Waves”Rattle.

Novelette: “The Stars, Their Faces Uplifted in Song”GigaNotoSaurus (November 2015).

Short Story: “The Individuality Clause”Daily Science Fiction (October 2015).

Short Story: “Live from the Air Chair”, Analog Science Fiction and Fact (September 2015).

Short Story: “The Last Lawsuit”, Bastion (September 2014).

Short Story: “Game of Primes”, GigaNotoSaurus (June 2014).

Short Story: “A Gift in Time”Clarkesworld (May 2014).

Short Story: “We Who Are About To Watch You Die Salute You”, Analog Science Fiction and Fact (March 2014).

Short Story: “The Aftermath”Clarkesworld (November 2013).

Short Story: “Hydroponics 101”, Analog Science Fiction and Fact (June 2013).

Short Story: “Aquatica”, Clarkesworld (November 2012).

Short Story: “A Plague of Zhe”, Lightspeed (June 2012).

Plus! Special cover art by Galen Dara!

Short Story: “The Bittersweet Here and After”Daily Science Fiction (April 27, 2012).

2011 Parsec Award Winner — “Saying the Names”, Lightspeed, read aloud (wonderfully!) by Emily Janice Card.

Reprint: “Saying the Names”, Lightspeed: Year One, Prime Books, available on Amazon.

Short Story: “Saying the Names”Lightspeed (March 2011).

Poetry: “Syzygy”, “Words”, “Lethe”, “The Return”, “Ecdysis”, “Heartache”, Threads”, “Loving the Woman”, and “In the Beginning”, Ryga: A Journal of Provocations (Spring 2011).

Novelette: “Children”Vagabondage Press (April 2010).

Poetry: “Hester”, “Goldilocks and the Water Bears”, and “Nemesis”ditch magazine (January 2010).

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